Monday, October 13, 2008

weekend of firsts

this past weekend was a weekend of more firsts for elle. it was her first ou-texas weekend (and her first sooner loss). elle spent saturday with grandma janet and aunt casey while her mom, dad, uncle kyle & grandpa david went to cheer on the sooners at the cotton bowl. turns out, no amount of cheering could help our defense. elle's halloween costume arrived on friday and i am going to spend the next few days accessorizing it. i hope it turns out as cute as it is in my mind! probably a more important first happened last friday - elle held a rattle for the first time, though i'm not sure if she knew what she was doing. she's started pulling on her little flower on her carseat toy bar. michael will be driving her to day school and all of a sudden, the little flower will start playing music. i'm not sure if it's intentional, but it sure happens enough to make us wonder. elle is getting stronger and stronger everyday. her bobblehead isn't so bobbley anymore and she's able sit up longer and longer in her bebe pod. several times, we've caught her trying to "escape" her carseat. even buckled in, she's always trying to pull herself forward.

i'm afraid we have a gal on the go!

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