Wednesday, December 10, 2008

checking in...

as you can see, there hasn't been a lot of updating going on around here. we've been busy - scratch that - dawn's been busy - but not with exciting stuff...just with life in general.

elle is keeping us busy and with smiles on our faces (i mean, look at this could that NOT make you smile all of the time?!)

sweet elle in her jumparoo

these days, elle is: incredibly chatty. she particularly enjoys talking to her farm animals on her mobile. she loves to kick (which, i knew a long time ago...since she kicked me all of the time before making her debut). hates having socks on her feet (honestly, she's managed to kick one off before we can get the other one on; we're going to try some fun little robeez to get her through the winter months). loooooooooooooooves her jumparoo (we do, too! – you can probably see that she’s in it a lot!). is mesmerized by baby einstein (mozart and monet are, apparently, super amazing). prefers for anything that is in her hand/s to be in her mouth. wants to hold the spoon herself (which makes feeding her a nice little challenge). still goes by the alias drooly mcsloberson. oh. and i have a feeling CurlyToes Elle will be able to pick things up with her toes. you know you're jealous.
Heart's "Crazy on You" is her favorite song. Just kidding. But it looks like, huh?

Elle loves cheering her Sooners on to victory! Boomer!

CurlyToes Elle.


Hollie said...

Alright, I am kinda seeing some Uncle Kyle in her in one of those pics. Sooo cute!

Straight from the pits of Dwell said...


Lisa said...

I just heard that Zutano Booties are THE solution for keeping shoes on feet. I guess they even stay on better than Robeez. I'm sure you can Google them...I think they're available on Amazon.

elle rese said...

i'll have to check out those zutano booties. she does have some robeez (she her 12.23 blog). so far, so good...but you never know.