Monday, March 9, 2009

pack a lunch, you'll need it.

has it been 2 weeks? that's embarrassing. well, here's a quick recap: michael's been quite the traveler. and i'm making all kinds of plans with those frequent flyer miles & hotel points. elle had another ear infection, sparked by (we think) the indecisive texas weather that sent us all (jack included) into allergy fits. other than some congestion, miss elle is doing very well. she's won over her new teachers (of course). her two top teeth are itchin' to pop out. and she desperately wants to crawl but hasn't quite figured it all out.

so, enjoy some photos of the past two weeks. some taken by yours truly, and some photo credits go to grandma janet & grandpa david. some are in there so you can see what she's up to, others, just because she's just too. dang. cute.

elle loves bathtime.

elle loves being on her tummy

why, yes daddy, i would like some pancakes.

we introduced fruit puffs recently. she's a little reluctant.

oh, wait. no she isn't. note: the puffs don't always make it to the mouth.

miss e & daddy on her way to her first day of her new class at dayschool.

the jackers desperately wants elle to play. this is his puppy dog from uncle kyle & aunt casey.
check out that grin!

and those teeth!

and, the piece de resistance? she's loves making all sorts of sounds with her lips. i was lucky enough to capture some photos mid "pffffffbbbbb".


Trisha said...

there you are. she's too cute. oh my gosh! that last picture!

Lisa said...

"why yes daddy. I would love some pancakes."

hahahahahahahahahah!!! She's the absolute cutest baby! Seriously. What a darling kid!