Sunday, April 26, 2009

weekend update

i thought i'd post a few photos of elle from the past week. michael & i were just commenting this afternoon how different she looks from her newborn photos - it's amazing what nearly 10 months (that's right) can do to a little gal!

she is crawling ALL over the place...getting into jack's dishes (luckily there is never any food in them), getting into jack's toys...chewing jack's toys (ew) and going anywhere she can on those little hands & knees. i kept saying it was all over when she started walking but now i'm saying "it's over". no more television watching, no more internetting...really, no more doing anything unless you can keep at least one eye on miss elle.

anyway, those photos...

elle & mommy after our evening walk. let's go yankees!

elle crawled over to her books and proceeded to pull 50% of them off of the bookshelf.
elle at the back door, trying to make a break for it.
look at those cheeks & eyelashes!

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Trisha said...

no rest for the weary once they are on the move! she is just a doll.