Thursday, May 28, 2009

take me out to the ballgame

the yankees were in town on memorial day. i was certain they would lose, as i am a realistic fan. first, they always seem to lose by embarrassing numbers in arlington. second, they were finishing a 10 game home stand - ending with a game against the phils going into extra innings before they hopped on a plane to dallas. and third, they've been playing very well. so it was bound to end. which it did on tuesday, but we saw a great game on monday - yankees win, 11-1.

oh, i know. you're going to say she looks like a boy. but i have this thing where it makes me crazy to see people wearing clothes for sports teams in colors that do not belong to that sports team. for instance: a pink NY Yankees t-shirt? no - they're navy & white so we'll wear navy and white.

everyone in their NY Yankees gear

elle hanging in the bjorn.

isn't her Jeter shirt the cutest?
elle & mommy, shortly before the heat induced meltdown. apparently, she's like her mommy.

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you guys look great!!! Elle is looking so big...hope you are having lots of fun and enjoying your summer