Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hello everyone that reads this blog. Dawn is getting a vacation from the demanding world of blogging and I am pinch hitting for the first time.

Elle has been quite the walker and talker lately. She has her mom's stubborn streak and independence and has
inherited my patience. I fear this is a volatile combination. She is keeping us entertained with her babbling and she can easily make her daddy laugh. We try to capture her on video or camera and by the time we get the power on she is disinterested in performing and off to her next venture.

Elle has taken an interest in being outside and loves to point out the flowers,
grass, birds, trees, etc. when we are outside. She always has this serious/amazed expression on her face when she points these out which is very cute.

Attached are some photos of Elle playing outside where you
can see how long her hair is getting. It is very fine and almost clear it is so light but she has plenty of it and gets more each day. I will stop talking about Elle's hair as her mother is still scarred from her own childhood as a bald baby.

This is one of the several attempts to get a picture of her in a dress that her Grandma Ardith bought her. She wears it on a regular basis but for some reason we cannot get her to stand still long enough to snap a shot of her.

Finally, a video taken in the car with one of Elle's new ploys to keep herself awake. We think she is singing but she only sings one note.
No pedestrians were harmed in the filming of this video.
Janet, I feel compelled to tell you Dawn was filming while I was driving.

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