Thursday, October 1, 2009

now boarding

first of, elle is 15 months old. can you believe it? is that a tantrum i'm hearing? i think so...that's another blog for another day.

today, we're taking elle on her first ever plane trip to our beloved washington, d.c. we've packed plenty of new books, snacks to tide us over 'til we can visit the georgetown cvs and cute outfits so she can knock 'em dead at 1600 pennsylvania ave, nw. that's right...after living there for 3 years and doing the touristy thing on the sly or with guests, we're going tourist and visiting the white house. uncle kyle's friend, nathan, was kind enough to snag tickets to the white house 7.30 am. which means we have to be there at 7.15 but we'll manage. and then? we'll take dc by storm, maybe even stop by the national zoo to say hi to the pandas & the new baby gorilla! and grab the best tuna melt & eggs neptune at our favorite spot, luna.

jack is in good hands while we're away. he's staying with my friend, tom, and his yellow lab, axle. they're also keeping hugo, another lab, for some other friends. tom will have his hands full! and jack will have fun! good luck, tom.

i can't wait...check back for photos!
(and wish us luck but we're thinking positively...i know she'll be the picture of perfection on american airlines!)

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