Thursday, December 3, 2009

check it out!

the blog design has been updated (finally). but let me tell you, all of those words were very carefully & thoughtfully placed by yours truly (dawn). it took? forever. so head on over to the blog (for those of you who get this via email) and check it out. there. you have no reason to not visit.

can you believe it's december? i can't. the tree is up & gifts are wrapped. so far, elle has done very well with the tree. there was an incident tonight where she thought it'd be fun to jingle the bell while it was still attached to the tree but i was able to intervene before things got out of control.

so, here's hoping your december isn't out of control. and that our tree stays vertical.


Trisha said...

Dawn! That's awesome! Love all the colors and fonts.

Sara said...

wow...much more patient than I would have been! It looks great though!