Friday, January 22, 2010

making up for lost time

due to the lack of photo blogs during the month of january, i'm going to make up for lost time. i promise i won't let this happen again.
january 2:
elle loves to get her books & crayons out, sit at her table & chairs and create a masterpiece. she is an artiste. sometimes, daddy tries to stifle our little picasso by allowing her to have only 2 or 3 crayons at a time. what kind of parenting is that? so mommy always comes to the rescue & gives her all the crayons...because you can't squash the creativity of a budding artist, right? who's with me on this?!
january 9:
the mystery of the pink coat. over the holidays, elle outgrew her super cute red pea coat. as in the sleeves were still too long but the body of the coat was too short. anyway, michael was going to order a coat but never did and i had this feeling that i should pull out her winter coat from last year to try it on her. weird, huh? i mean, how could her 6-12 month coat from last winter possibly fit her? well, here's last winter's coat, fitting the ellie belly just fine. i think The Gap mislabeled this particular coat. score!
january 11:
daddy's in trouble because this little girl? loves her shoes, especially these faux Uggs from payless. she cries when we try to take them off.
january 16:
just because she's cute. and really, what's one more photo at this point?
january 18:
elle has been so fascinated by our earmuffs she decided to give 'em a go.

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Trisha said...

love seeing you in the pics! what a cute post.