Friday, February 12, 2010

elle & the red velvet cake ball

elle's valentine's party was supposed to be today at school. due to the snow, her school was closed. this presented us with two dilemmas: 1. we both had to work today, therefore tag-team parenting was in order and 2. those cake balls that were for her teachers? are now stuck in my refrigerator. you know they're not going to make it until tuesday. (which, in turn, will create yet another dilemma: making something to make up for the inevitable eating of all of those cake balls).

so, i thought i'd give elle a little treat today.
first, you study your prey.
then, carefully, you go in for the attack.
then you ponder the greatness just tasted.
oh yeh. that was tasty.
so tasty i'll shove the rest of it in my mouth!

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