Thursday, February 11, 2010


well, i finally got the snow i wanted. it's just that i wanted it to snow on, say, friday night & saturday so that i wouldn't have to deal with the buffoons in dallas. but, you can't have everything. so i got the snow today - and the buffoons! we've had about 7" of snow as of now - a RECORD for february in dallas!

this morning, elle seemed very intrigued by all of this. even still, on the drive home, there were lots of questions of "whaszat?!" i thought for sure she would want to walk around and kick up her heels in the front yard - what a great photo op! but, elle had other plans and was perfectly content being held the entire time.
this is all i got.
not too bad, considering it's completely by accident.
miss elle doesn't just give away kisses...they're very rare occurrences.

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