Friday, May 21, 2010


we were on our way home wednesday night when from the back seat, we hear "bibuh. song.". it isn't as much as request as a demand and we have no idea if she wants to hear a specific song or just something in general from church. side note: my helping in 3 year old music has been incredibly beneficial to us in this department.  so, we (i), break out the classics: jesus loves me, jesus loves the little children & a new (to us) one:

i open my bible & what do i see?
God loves me.

elle mimics opening her bible with her hands & then squeaks out "".

upon hearing this michael says "i think she just matched pitch." and then i saw a tear roll from his eye. people, i've never witnessed this in nearly 11 years of marriage...not at our wedding, not when i gave birth (ok, had her cut from my body in a drug induced haze, not when we brought our little jackers home...not when he heard elle say for the first time, "cleaning up", "yuck. dirty".  never has he cried. ever.

but we may have had tears on this one.

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