Friday, July 2, 2010


yesterday was elle's 2nd birthday! i cannot believe that it's already been two years!  with year one we saw amazing change and growth. so what did year two bring?

*lots of chatter. elle definitely has her own language yet can be easy to understand. and she is very serious about what she is telling you!
*the two finger suck. apparently, the pointer & middle fingers on the left hand are tasty.
*the two finger suck is nearly always accompanied by her hands down the back of her pants "silkying" (it's a verb, folks) the tag in her pants. watch out of she's wearing a dress!
*secretive vegetable eater. she won't eat her veggies for us, but apparently, she mows them down at school. whatever, as long as she's getting them in her diet.
*elle is curious! she wants to know what everything is and what it does.
*we have a reader on our hands. many times when the house is a little too quiet, you can find elle at the bookshelf reading book after book.
*other times, when the house is a little too quiet, you can find that she's decided to add her own artistic touch to your walls. or cabinets. really, wherever she thinks color needs to be!
*elle is active. she is almost always on the go and if you think all of these photos i post are easy to take you are mistaken!

we're always getting glimpses of what elle's personality will be like. she is very sweet and always makes our day with an "i lah loo" (i love you). but watch out: one false move from you & she let you hear her disapproval!  i think it's safe to speak for michael - she has definitely been a nice surprise!

here's to 2!


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Elle! Dawn, she is absolutely adorable!

Hollie said...

Wow, 2 already?!?!?! Happy Bday E!

Milk Maker said...

What a cutie! 2 is so much fun!