Thursday, October 28, 2010

red & blue

did i scare some of you into thinking this was an entry on politics? you won't find me talking politics with you...other than for me to say, "psst...they're all liars. even your favorite politician". but i digress...

so, it happened. the post season finally happened near my zip code & i didn't go to one game. the idea of paying $80 bucks to stand for 9 innings just didn't get me all jazzed. so i watched it at home & i'm glad i did.

and here we are with rangers in the world series for the first time ever.

to make matters worse, as i watched game 6 being ripped from the pinstripes (frankly, the yanks gave it to texas on a silver platter), i woke up the next morning to find out my daughter  - my own flesh & blood, the child i carried for 38 weeks - requested to eat her cereal...out of "her red hat".

gasp. i was afraid i'd failed as a parent.

but, when her daddy tried to sway her to the texas side of things with this pretty red shirt, she said "where my yankees shirt?!". deep down, the girl knows.

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Lisa said...

"she said "where my yankees shirt?!". deep down, the girl knows."
THIS!! Love it. Where's the "like" button?

And I hope you forgave me for my indiscretion during that shameful Yankee evening. It was a tough night and I was too crass at your expense. <3 YOU!