Sunday, January 30, 2011

weekend recap

yesterday, we had some great weather & we took full advantage of it!

we decided we'd make a trip to the park so miss e could run out some energy (ok, and to insure an afternoon nap). turns out...everyone else had the same idea. but, we hung around & elle navigated her way through all of the other kids (and moms in 4" heels...really? at the park?!).

first stop: the slide. elle loves the highest, twistiest & turniest slides at that park!
after one round being spotted by daddy, she was all about climbing. she made it to the top then would climb back down the same side.
 this is what 45 minutes at the park does to a girl's hair.
and now we're left with the teasing the weekend did to us. tomorrow, it's back to reality of the workweek & winter temperatures.

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Trisha said...

she just gets prettier and prettier, if that's possible. seriously.