Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bad influence

last month, we traveled to oklahoma for the bedlam baseball game (OU-OSU for those of you not up to speed on all things bedlam). of course, we packed elle's crimson OU shirt, practiced making the letters O & U with her arms, fed her lines of "boomer sooner"; the whole bit. she was AMPED.

we stayed with my brother & sister-in-law. this is an inter-collegiate marriage. kyle (kaka) is a big OU fan, born & bred, as we all are. casey (cc), on the hand. well, she's all about pistol pete & the orange pride (or whatever it's called...i still didn't get sucked in, even after getting a degree there).

friday night, very delicious brownies were made by cc with elle as her sous chef. here is a watered down conversation that occurred on saturday, before the game:

me: elle, what team are you going to cheer for tonight?
elle: um. da cowboys.
me: what? the cowboys?! (this cannot be! we've been so successful with pumping her full of crimson & cream! she's clearly confused).
me: ok. well, what color are you cheering for tonight? RED or orange?
elle: orange!

well, imagine our confusion. how could this have happened?

may i present evidence to the court of my readers:

exhibit A:
cc & elle so sweetly posing for the camera while making brownies. aren't they cute? elle loves her aunt cc so much and could probably be greatly influenced by anything cc said to her.

& exhibit B:
cc feeding elle spoonfuls of brownie mix (and now we know feeding her other things...things about OSU that no little girl should have enter her ears & thoughts).
we're on to you, dearly loved cc.

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Lisa said...

I laughed and laughed! Go CC.