Thursday, September 8, 2011

putting them in their place.

tonight as daddy & i were making juice in our new juicer (delicious, by the way), we hear a door opening followed by the pitter-patter of elle-sized feet, i turn to see elle walking out of her room, into our dark hallway & headed straight for our bedroom.

naturally, i go to investigate and this is what follows:

elle, through squinty eyes & the sleep-scratchy voice: "mommy? are you and daddy talking?"
me: "yes, we are. we're making juice!"
elle: "well i'm trying to sleep". (she turns toward her room and marches in)
elle: "i am trying to sleep and you need to be quiet so i can sleep."

huh. well, she told me (us, i'm totally bringing daddy down with me as he was my partner in conversation).

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