Thursday, October 13, 2011


we recently took a nice family vacation to california. it coincided with a conference for daddy so we figured we might as well hop on the flight out there and get some R&R at the happiest place on earth.

it's important to note that recently, elle has started a shy phase. people & places we know are now cause for a mini-panic attack. and if she doesn't want to do it, she doesn't. want. to. do it. sound familiar to anyone? no? moving on...

so we went to d-land. i'm telling you that place is magic! everyone is so friendly (i know, they're paid to be that nice), the weather was amazing and i think disney has some contract with the stress gods to not enter in. even though you know you're being raped and pillaged for a coke (and let me tell you, i've never had a more perfect coca-cola), you don't care! you happily fork over the money. genius! anyway, it is true. it is the happiest place on earth.

our first travel day, we landed at LAX (which is a super easy airport to get in & out of, in my opinion), we went to Downtown Disney. for those of you unfamiliar in the disney way, it is just what it sounds like - it's a downtown district outside the park but within their resort confines. there are different stores (a huge disney store, several other disney-themed stores, lego store, book store, etc.) plus a handful of restaurants. so, we had pizza. then we reminded elle that she had some money to spend. she found a few things (including that lollipop in the photo). mommy found a latte (i'd been up since the ungodly hour of 4.45 am) and daddy found a mickey mouse cakepop, which you can see elle happily hijacked (she does this often). 

the next day, was our disneyland day. we rode rides, saw our disney friends (but not too close, thank you) and she shopped on Main Street. Disneyland was decked out for Halloween!

i am sure mulan & tiana weren't at all creeped out by this frizzy-haired-been-at-the-park-all-day-long mom in the photo with her 3 year old. (note: this is where they shy thing comes into play).
elle meets belle!
and since there are hardly any photos ever on this blog with yours truly & elle,
i'm posting a bit more than usual. 
no, i'm not being vain, just trying to prove that mommy exists in a form other than words on a blog.
we rounded out the trip with a visit from some friends in pasadena. then went to huntington beach, for a birthday party for 7 year old jack, son of our sunday school teacher/elle's music teachers/our friends (last but not least!). and if you're wondering, elle did not care too much for the water but was so excited about the 'eagulls (we omit our S before many phonemes). and she loved the seashells.

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