Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life Lesson

Last week as I (mommy) was getting E ready for school I noticed something amiss about her hair. After a closer look, I realize that it had been cut. In the back. Here is a fairly accurate recount of the conversations that followed:

Mommy: Elle (as she's about to brush her teeth), did someone cut your hair?
Elle: Um. Me & "Jane" (name of child has been changed) wehe pwetending to cut hair ye'tehday!  
Mommy: honey, I think Jane really cut your hair with scissors.
Elle: But we weh just pwetending!
Mommy: well, she really cut your hair. you have hair back here missing.
Elle (clearly thinking over what I've just said): oh.

We finish getting ready & hop in the car. I'm thanking God "Jane" did not get the front of the hair and stopped at a point that I believe the hair style can be saved.

Elle: But "Jane" said we were just pwetending!
Mommy: Well, sometimes people say one thing and do something else. And for whatever reason, "Jane" really cut your hair. Who else got a hair cut?
Elle: Um, names a few kids (follow by approximately 10 seconds of silence.).  Dat 'neaky "Jane"! She told me we were pwetending and she weally cut my hair! side note: Elle was the only child who received a "real" haircut.

Her brow is furrowed, as she realizes the betrayal of her friend. It's a hard pill to swallow and a tough life lesson. But, just as I thought, the hair style was salvageable and we now have a cute bob (that I've only managed to photograph on my phone so excuse the shoddy camera work). I think Elle is pleased with the outcome because everyone who has seen the new 'do tells her how cute it is...and this kid loves a compliment.

Without further ado...the bob.

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Susan said...

Oh my goodness! So cute. Her hair looks so much more thicker. Love love love the new do..