Monday, November 12, 2012

what happened to october?

as i type this halfway into november...i'm still trying to figure out how the month of october got away from me.

but it did.

daddy was in santa barbara for a week so ellie belly & i flew out for a little vacation. while we were there, we visited disneyland yet again.

Elle meets Rapunzel. They discussed the pros & cons of maintaining long, shiny hair as well as where to paint Rapunzel's next piece on her castle wall

Elle & Merida (from Brave). At Disneyland, they give "high four" because Mickey only has 4 phalanges.

Elle getting her first ever room service. She officially loves it.

once we got home, it was time to gear up for Halloween. we had so much fun this year! we went trick or treating with our friend josie. as soon as the girls figured out that people told them how cute they were, followed by some candy, they were all over the idea of trick or treating. here's how cute our witch is:

she loved this green eye shadow a bit too much

that purple satin ribbon was a genius idea on my part - she could "silky" the ribbon once she got tired (rather than carry around her old pajama bottoms)

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