Wednesday, January 14, 2009

let's play a game...

guess who has an ear infection?
luckily, it was caught very early. we feared this day would come. we had a scare a few weeks ago and her pediatrician warned us that with michael's history of ear infections, she was at a much greater risk since those tend to be hereditary. niiiiiiiiiiiice. oh. you should've seen the ear wax the nurse practitioner cleaned out of her right ear. it was awesome. side note: i have a bizarre fascination with ear wax.

guess whose parents are allergic to amoxicillin (dawn breaks out in hives) & penicillin (michael...reaction unknown)?
when i mentioned this to the nurse practitioner (who was about to prescribe amoxicillin for miss elle) she said "oh. hm. weeeeeell. with you both allergic to these things, it has greatly limited what we can prescribe for her". to which elle said "thanks for nothing, mommy & daddy". except i was the only one in the room to hear that part. but i know she said it.

lucky for us, even when elle feels yucky, she manages to smile at everyone she sees. it should all clear up by friday. so keep your fingers crossed.

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