Monday, February 16, 2009

crawl watch 2009 & other little bits

tooth watch update: her lower front left tooth has broken through. it has a neighbor moving in.

here's a riddle:
Q: what's sharper than a butcher knife?
A: elle's 2 teeth.

not really a riddle, but work with me people.

moving on to other matters of importance. little miss gadabout is officially up on her hands and knees. she hasn't quite figured out how to move forward but she's able to travel backwards. my magic 8 ball tells me we may have to break out jack's crate for her soon. ha ha. i'm kidding. but we might need a fenced in contraption very soon.

she's moving up to the next classroom at school very soon. this means: 1 naptime, a set lunchtime and all the crawling and moving a little girl can do. over the next few days, she'll be doing her "transition" time which means that she'll go to the new room for 2 hours every day. don't tell the other parents but i've been told by her teachers that she'll be sorely missed. i think she's the favorite at park cities day school.

we're trying to get some video of the little miss squealing. you'd think it would be an easy task, given that she squeals 90% of her waking hours. but it's turned out to be no simple task. we're working on it...


Trisha said...

Life will never be the same once she's mobile! Fun stuff!

Hollie said...

If your a Scrubs fanatic like me, the janitor gave Turk and Carla a dog crate for a playpen like he used to have. Funny stuff! If only....kidding. Yep, the crawling stage is fun.