Tuesday, February 3, 2009

too cute to not share

it's always difficult trying to decide which photos to post of elle - that and i'm reeeaaalllly bad about transferring photos from my camera to my computer.

tonight, as i was organizing her photos (what did you expect from this household?!), i found a few photos too cute to not share.

elle is notorious for falling asleep while being held and waking up as soon as you lay her down (luckily, this only happens during the day...not at night). so, i came up with this "contraption" (read: boppy) with supervision. it makes her feel like she's still being held.

i'm admittedly jealous of her eyelashes.

elle woke up during her nap. we only knew this because we saw a little head pop out of her pack 'n play. when we walked over, this is what we found.

watching baby einstein...but taking a break for the camera

elle was eating the last of the green beans. do you think she's had enough of them?

ah. those would be blueberries. she loves them but they were, by far, the biggest pain to make of all of the baby food i've made so far. surprisingly, nothing has been blueberry stained! mike usually gets this in the morning but he's travelling.

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