Monday, June 29, 2009


while michael & i were both out of town for work in mid - june, elle & jack stayed with my parents. elle apparently decided she wanted to surprise us for her birthday with some photographs. as it turned out, the surprise would only work for michael (conflicting schedules forced the photo shoot to the day of my return from chicago). on the day of elle's birthday party, "elle" gave us a great collection of photos from this day.

the photographer blogged about miss elle & now i can finally share it with you! this is a snippet of the photos trisha got.

oh - the day of the photo shoot, elle had a mean little ear infection. she can sure hide it well!


Trisha said...

What an awesome surprise! Those pics are precious! Of course, has Miss Elle ever not looked absolutely adorable in a picture?

elle's mom said...

it was! and thank you! she was so funny at the photo shoot. it's like she knows to turn herself "on".