Thursday, June 25, 2009

what's up?

i've had such good intentions of making several posts since june 7. i envisioned a reunion post, all about daddy making his way back from his 17 day trip to santa barbara, complete with photos and descriptions of how elle just won't let him go. and there was the vision in my mind of a lovely father's day post about how a 20 pound ball of on-the-go has her daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger. and finally, the post of her using her walker that michael describes as "like an old person's walker"; and i like to add to that "but flashier. brighter. more pink and much. more. fun than a old person's crummy plain walker. in fact, when i have to have a walker (God forbid), i want this walker. but, you'll have to wait for that video. and you'll have to wait for the video showcasing the birthday present we gave her. it's a baby grand piano. no, it isn't a steinway (and michael's very upset about that. it's a fisher price baby grand piano, at about 1/1000th of the price of a steinway. she loves it.

by they way - all of those things are true. she's clung to michael since his return. he is wrapped around her finger (i mean really, talk about a new sheriff in town!). she thinks she's pretty darn cool with her walker and she really loves that piano.

until then, we're off to oklahoma tonight. in one of my nicer moments in life, we decided to have elle's birthday party in edmond so her great-grandparents (from different parts of oklahoma) could make it. can you believe she'll be 1 next wednesday? i certainly can't.


Trisha said...

Ha! You'll be one snazzy old lady!

So sweet that she missed her daddy so much.

Have a safe trip!

Lisa said...

I can't believe she's 1. I just can't believe it.

Looking forward to pictures!