Tuesday, February 9, 2010

new favorite

i have a few new blogs that i am addicted to. of course, they're food related but that should come as no surprise.

i was on the prowl for something new to bake for all of elle's teachers - dayschool & church - when i stumbled up on this. not wanting to get too elaborate (but aren't those cute?!), i opted to go with the plain jane cake ball and i just finished them.

mine aren't nearly as pretty as bakerella's but it won't really matter because these little puppies? won't be looked at for long. no, these. are. delicious. and what's worse, they're super duper easy (read: if i had an extra hour every night, i'd weigh approximately 1 ton and these would be to blame).

as if elle wasn't already the teacher's pet, she will be once she delivers these yummy little bites!

1 comment:

elle's mom said...

i'm not tooting my own horn here but the cake balls were a HIT among my coworkers.

go...make some.