Saturday, April 10, 2010


i've said it before: elle is a daredevil. probably not anymore than any other nearly 2 year old but more than her mommy would like! in the past two weeks, elle has: hit her head (think eye level) on the desk (result? bruise), shortly after that incident she busted it again (causing us to not know for sure which bruise was from which fall) & at school, she fell with a toy in her hand which resulted in a niiiice bruise on her forehead (now green).

in the past three days, elle has busted her lip (bleeding involved), fallen down hitting her nose on the ottoman causing a nose bleed & yesterday she fell at dayschool with a toy in her hand and got this...(update on 4.10.10:  friday, she faceplanted off the little "push car" at school and busted her lip open [blog to follow] & if that wasn't enough, fell onto the concrete later that SAME AFTERNOON!), scuffing up the side of her face opposite her ginormous bruise.

so, you can see the bruise, the strawberry from her friday fall & on the bottom lip in the middle is a nice little gash that is now healing (Thank God!). i suppose the bright side is that the new bruise covers up the old bruise (that was turning green).

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