Sunday, April 11, 2010

war wounds saga: part 1,548

ok, so it just seems like we've had 1,547 previous accidents.  but we hit the jackpot friday with our first pediatric ER visit.  actually, i suppose we're lucky it's taken 21 months.

not 10 minutes into my work day yesterday, elle's school director calls & tells me i need to come look at elle's lip & that she might need to see the doctor. to shorten the story, after michael described the cut to the nurse, we were advised to visit the ER (doc doesn't suture in-office).  the good news is that stitches (and sedation) weren't necessary & will heal nicely. the bad news is that she has a lovely gash in her lower lip and it's ugly. 

cut to: later friday afternoon. michael is home with elle and they're taking out trash. somehow, she managed to fall (she wouldn't nap & the girl gets CLUMSY when she's tired) flat on her face & scrape the side of her face...cheek to eye. you can see all of her war wounds here.

note the "ankle bracelet"...

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