Saturday, December 11, 2010

absolutely positively.

when miss e knows something, there is no arguing otherwise with her...sounds like someone else i know (you know who you are).

so, here is a bit of wisdom stowed upon me today:

me: elle, mommy wants to run to hobby lobby & target. can you do both stores?
e (reading her bible in the car): um. yeeeeeh!
me (after deciding that 2 stores with a no-nap nelly & no parental backup is overly ambitious): you know, i think we'll just go to target. i'll wait until monday to go to hobby lobby.
e: nooooooooooo! i want to go to hobby lobby. hobby lobby is in the bible.
me: uh, i don't think so. it isn't in the bible.
e: yes it is!
me: elle, hobby lobby is a store. it isn't in the bible.
e: YES! IT! IS! MOMMY! it is! in! the bible!
me: then what is it about (really, i'm not sure what i was thinking arguing with a 2 year old)?
e: um, Jesus.
me: hobby lobby is about Jesus?
e: yes & it's in the bible!

and scene. next, we pull into target. i tell elle that she has to leave her bible in the car while we go inside.

and this? this, folks ends with me carrying that sweet face into target while she's screaming "i need my bible, i need my bible". you would think i was beating her.

you can't make this stuff up, folks.

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Sara said...

Kids...they come up with the craziest things! :) So did she make it to Hobby Lobby?