Tuesday, December 7, 2010

good tag, bad tag

silky. too silky would probably be the correct way to describe the action (i'm not a grammarian) but if the noun form of "silky" is "silkiness" and the adverb is "silkily" i propose we modify that to a verb,"silkying". that would simply be the act of rubbing two silky objects together. and that's what we do in these parts.

as many of you know, elle has a standard position: left index & middle fingers in her mouth (or is it right? i can never remember...bad mother?, no it's her left. for sure, her left.). the right hand? is down the back of her pants.

so, here's how she rolls...
*she has a very specific way of doing this; i once overheard her tell michael "no, you use this finger". uh oh. we're in trouble here.
*not any tag will do. not even any silk or satin or polyester tag...anything silky, just won't do. there's a specific construction to it.
*fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, SHAME ON YOU! little gal has been known to throw a tag right back at you, while saying "it's NOT a good tag!" a beast in the silkying world, for sure.
*a good silky tag? cures all ills.

what has been an endearing act of toddlerhood, passed down through generations on her mother's side of the family has now become a problem: she's currently boycotting ALL pants that don't meet her tag approval. seriously. did uncle kaka (kyle for the blackwell folk) ever go that far? not to my memory. eek! this morning we went through three pairs of pants before we settled on the fourth (i think she could sense my panic...all other "tag approved pants" were dirty).

good tag
bad tag

as she was throwing each of the three pairs of jeans (pictured above) back into her drawer, i said "do you need mommy to sew a silky tag into your jeans?". i'm not sure if in that 20 second lapse i thought she'd say "no, i'll wear them tomorrow...i'll get over this" or what but she responded "YES!".

so here we are. thank goodness my Christmas shopping is done because tonight? i'll be sewing satin ribbon strips into every. pair. of pants. with elle's approval, of course.
saving grace


Trisha said...

you are kidding! that is too funny! maybe that's why i don't like wearing jeans... the tag. yeah, the tag. it wouldn't be the fact that i can't stand the feeling of my tummy hanging over. ha!

Michal said...

Too funny. You need silky tags, I need rolly polly bugs in pockets. Demanding little toots, aren't they?!