Thursday, January 6, 2011


i honestly meant to blog after every family holiday but i haven't even gone through the photos! oops! i suppose i'll add this to my weekend "to do" list.

anyway, elle had a ball during Christmas. she was a champ with the travel (we didn't do too much) and was such a good girl.

but since then?
we've discovered our child likes "time out".  that's right; she has asked us if she can go to time out. what the?!  go figure. so...we're trying other disciplinary action - which is something we're doing a lot lately.

it seems that miss e has an independent streak of sorts.
and selective hearing.
mix that with her very sensitive side and it is a recipe for disaster.

so that's what we've up to since the holidays. maybe i'll make my way through those photos and get something posted this weekend.

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