Monday, March 28, 2011

spring break!

last week was spring break for us - just the last 3 days of the week. michael & i took the time off so we could do stuff that we've not made time to do up to now.

we went to the zoo & arboretum - and became members of both (moving forward, you can find us at one of those two places for the remainder of the YEAR).

the zoo.
elle loved the zoo, of course. the children's petting zoo was a big hit for her and well...not so much for mommy. luckily for elle, her daddy will pet anything with 4 legs on it...regardless of potential allergic he was game to go in with the goats & pet the pig and he walked with her on her horse ride with scout (who was really cute). there were lots of monkeys (complete with monkey fight) & the savannah exhibit was really great - the lioness walked right up to us in the cafeteria and looked right at us (all that separates the diners & the cats is a pane of glass)! the elephants were out, as were the giraffes.  our city zoo is nice and the people watching is always a guaranteed good time!
the arboretum currently has an exhibit of princess castles. seven local architecture & design firms created child scale castles based on various children's stories (think: beauty & the beast, the little mermaid, rapunzel a la brothers grimm & hans christian anderson...not of the disney variety). an added bonus is that the arboretum currently has 500,000 spring blooming bulbs planted right now. i know, i know, you're thinking allergies. and yes, we all showered when we got home and it wasn't nearly as bad as we'd prepared for. and it was really quite beautiful.

we had a great time and while i've always said a 4 day work week is the way to go, i'm thinking a 2 day work week would be even better! 

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