Tuesday, March 1, 2011


this day is just too bizarre to not share.

3.30 am (yes, that's right): through the fog of my deep slumber, i hear elle "moooommmmmyyyyyyyy!  daaaaaddyyyyyyy!" michael rolls over to tell me he's already been up with her for an hour & a half. ugh. stumble out of bed (and fumble to the kitchen...sorry...couldn't resist) to go see what's going on. she's up and wants to be held. toss & turn with her. michael finally says to bring her to bed (something we just don't do often but i do at this moment because next to God & family, my bed is a very close 3rd on my love list).
~3.45 am: e is in bed with us. no one has really gone back to sleep but not for lack of trying. e uses this moment to tell us she needs water. get water.
3.47 am: e says she needs to potty. holyfreakingcrapareyoukiddingme?! i got the water, so m got the potty job. turns out, she really did need to go. now, we're all WIDE awake. go back to bed & turn on sesame street. have a brief moment of insanity where i think "i might as well get up and clean house". don't act on insanity. at some point, m turns off the tv & takes e to her room. i've fallen asleep.
7.30 am: wake up to jack whining because the spoiled rotten dog thinks we've neglected him & forgot to feed him. whine. whine. whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. look at clock and flip a little because we're usually out the door at this moment in the morning. feed jack. nudge m to tell him the time.
8.30 am: finally leave house. hey! only an hour behind after all of that! get elle to school & head to office to pick up a few things. get trapped at office.
10.00 am: stop at grocery store to pick up a few items since my morning is already shot to hell; might as well make it where i don't have to get out again, right?
10.30 am: see her day school calling my cell. oh crap. crap crap crap. hesitantly pick up phone (if i don't answer, then nothing bad is happening, right?). elle has fallen. off a slide (a 36" high slide, but still). took a face plant in the ground has some scratches on her face. they're "worried only because she takes hits harder than the boys and gets right back up but this time she isn't getting right back up, she's really clingy and says her head hurts". side note: school cannot administer any medications unless prescribed by a pharmacy. try to get a game plan together...determine that m can pick her up & i'll wrap up whatever work i can.
11 am: m gets to her school right as they're about to each lunch. e seems to be doing ok, wants to play but her teachers are scared senseless. m waits for e to eat at school. m finds out from teachers that e's equilibrium seems "off". call doctor for appointment to check ears. get one at 1.50. start to make lunch for m & me.
12.45 pm: the gang gets home. jack freaks because of course, everyone is here for him. feed e banana. adults eat lunch and come to grips that any possibility of working "normal hours" is not happening.
1.20 pm: get out door for the doctor. discover that the fisher price doctor's kit paid off big! e is a model patient while doc looks in her ears (previously, this resulted in blood curdling screams). e tells him how she fell of slide, hurt her head...blah blah blah. have ear infection but everything is is good. whew.
2.30 pm: head to disney store. you can read about that here.
3.30 pm: finally get home and e takes a nap. i go for a much needed run and m works (i think).
that should be enough excitement for 12 hours on a tuesday!, no?
well not at casa sheaffer.

while i'm giving e a bath (which is always an ordeal) m gets ready to go for a run. i hear cries of "ow ow ow!!! oh! ouch!". by the time i turn around, he's at my bathroom sink with blood pouring out of his nose. while he was putting on his running shoes jack managed to excitedly crank m on the nose, which we now believe to be broken.

i'm not even going to share the bit about e thinking she can get herself out of the tub, only to slip & fall (she catches herself) on the floor.

you can't make this stuff up.


Michal said...

Sounds like a normal day to me. :)

Susan said...

That was a good laugh. Life is never dull