Monday, June 20, 2011

While mommy was away

Mommy was in Chicago so Daddy and Elle spent some quality time together struggling to get dressed and out the door without the well oiled machine (mommy) there to help us.  Since we made it to school two days in a row fully clothed and semi clean Daddy decided to reward Elle with a trip to the Dallas Zoo (despite the brutally hot temperatures).

Elle was over the top excited about going to the zoo and was surprised when one of her classmates from day school was there (total coincidence).  Elle and Lola had a good time playing while we waited for the zoo gates to open.  While at the zoo Elle got to pet the goats, feed the giraffes, see the penguins, see the lions and lionesses, see the real elephants, ride the fake elephants, ride the carousel, play in the children's zoo playground and  ride "her" pony Scout.  See a couple of pictures and a video below.


Elle petting the sometimes cranky goats in the children's petting zoo

Here is Elle on her elephant (we had to sit on this elephant every time we walked by it).

Elle feeding the giraffe

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