Wednesday, July 20, 2011

birthday bash!

july became a bit of a nearly month long celebration for elle. her actual birthday - july 1 is just too close to independence day to have her birthday party. and because mommy & daddy were out of town the next weekend, her birthday party was pushed back to july 16.
this year was the first "all friends" birthday bash. we opted for a mid morning party at a splash park. the kids had a ball! and luckily, it didn't get super hot until halfway through the party. but there was shade and a slight we all survived.
elle got a lot of great gifts. thanks to kaka & cc and a few friends, she's loaded up on "arts & cracks" supplies as well as play-doh sets. she has all of the "bitty baby" (american girl doll for those of you not in the know) loot - feeding chair, stroller, diaper bag, clothes - she could ask for.

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