Monday, March 26, 2012


miss Elle is playing soccer. we recently had our first game and of all of the days to get a cold front, it was this day. and it was cold. cloudy, winds up to 30 mph, and already in the low 50s. but, we bundled her up, gave her a pep talk and reminded her that in soccer, we do not share the ball. ever. and if someone takes it from you, you get mad and get it back (with your feet!). 
so you can see that she's super cute and ready for her game. that's her pink ball and #10 is Victor (everyone loves Vic!). they're chatting about a game plan before hand, I'm sure. by the way, Victor is a really good soccer player!

as the game is beginning, she starts to go to the field - with her ball. i hear a meltdown and that is when i find out that neither mommy nor daddy told her she could not play the game with her ball. 

she's a girl who likes to know what's going to happen at all times.  

how could we forget to tell her that the game is not played with her ball, but another ball (probably not pink and probably ugly)?!

melt. down. city.
over a soccer ball. 
you can see where the meltdown really started - right at daddy's legs on the field.  she then moved the meltdown, stomping off toward the fence with complaints of "i never get to play with my soccer ball" (that's a new thing if she doesn't get her way, "well i never get to ______). her arms are usually crossed. and she likes to make sure she has an audience for the meltdown.

we finally got through - for about 5 minutes - and convinced her to get on the field and play. she's really good with the ball (what I'm told is dribbling)! but when someone grabbed her hand, or maybe looked at her funny,  (I'm not sure which) she went into another meltdown. i think that was 48th episode of the evening.

the awesome part? when the game was over, she got in the car and acted like nothing. ever. happened. be continued, hopefully with better news...

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