Friday, May 11, 2012

minor oversight

I get Miss E ready most mornings (I try to take the weekend off). I'm working with her on getting dressed by herself so I can (gasp!) brush my teeth (or my hair) before we leave the house. So this morning, I left that to her, once I helped her pick out an outfit.

Here's what happened:

Elle, walking into my room, fully dressed:  "oh! mommy! i forgot my panties!"
Me: "well, you better get back in there and put some on"

She comes marching back in with her Disney Princess keyboard, telling me she's "writing notes" (composing?). We get into the car, realize I have to get back into the house to get my phone, go back out to the car, buckle up (finally) and leave.

Drive to school. It's 10 minutes.

Once we get inside, I'm talking to her teacher and this follows:

E: "Miss Cynthia! I forgot to wear panties!"
Miss Cynthia: "Well you can put on some in your basket"
Me: "you went back to your room to put on panties, right?"
E: "well I don't have any on now"

And she didn't.

I know because I felt her bare little hiney.

And because she showed us.

Thank goodness for the extra pair of underpants at school!

The underpants she pulled out of her drawer were on the floor - next to an opened drawer of toys. Looks like someone got distracted.

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