Friday, June 8, 2012


We were able to enroll Miss E into swim lessons through her dayschool. They load up into the dayschool van with a director & teacher and off they go to a fabulous swim school. Elle's teacher stays while 12 kiddos get their feet wet.

While Elle is not necessarily new to the water, she's never taken swim lessons or been in a pool without either me or daddy (and let's face it, if the ship goes down, my expert swim skills are saving us all...thanks mom & dad for enrolling me into every class I could take).  Anyway, we weren't sure how she'd do (she tends to be a little cautious up front...and definitely likes to assess the situation before taking action), but she has taken to the water...dare I say a fish! The first day she was so excited to tell us about making "ice cream scoops" (not quite an {American} crawl but close) in the water and putting her face in to blow bubbles. And she's very disappointed if they don't get to do "teddy Bear, teddy bear, touch your toes". I'm told "dat's when you bend over. you touch your toes then you put your hands like dis (together) and you DIVE! into duh wadder". Her swim teacher says she "is a quick learner and has fun in class". 

I can hardly wait until next Thursday for parent observation day!

Until then, our daily selection of swimsuit keeps me going.
Forgive the quality...taken on my iPhone.

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