Sunday, June 10, 2012


I love the stuff that comes out of this little gal's mouth.

"mommy. when daddy gets home fwom dis twip, we're going to tie him up in da house and neveh let him leave again".

"I was so impwessed when I saw a woom with fwimming pools inside it" (referring to her indoor swim center).

"uuuuuugghh!! you'we making me fwustwated wight now"

"you can't get my tiny hiney!" (as she shakes it and runs away from you)

after i've cleaned the counters - and she proceeds to spill some of her dinner - she says "mommy, you forgot to clean this part of the counter. you need to come back and clean it".

Today, Elle asks "what is bacon?". I said (not thinking), "well, it comes from a pig." Elle answers, with a big belly laugh, "moommyyy!, pigs don't make food! That's so silly!". Mind you, she's also said "I'm talking about the animal the chicken; not the chicken we eat.". So...that should be interesting.

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