Monday, July 9, 2012


Can you believe Elle is four? I cannot. It seems like just yesterday I was hopped up on hydrocodone post-delivery. I'm kidding. Sort of. Don't worry. It was totally legit.

I've always said Elle keeps us on our toes. And that's still true, only now, it's more with what she's going to say than where she is. She's never far from mommy or daddy - her choice. She's definitely going through the fearsome fours. Did you know those exist? I didn't - but I do now! She's very sensitive and likes for peace to be kept. She loves: music and art, getting her High Five in the mail (Highlights for the 5 & under crowd), books & reading, puzzles, her dolls & "friends" (stuffed animals), playing in her kitchen or her new little Calico Critters Townhouse. She loves to shop, clothes & shoes (Daddy is in trouble!). Elle is also very opinionated. I know, that's a shock to many of you. She has her idea of how things should happen and gets very upset when things go differently. She's very cautious (let's hope that continues well into adulthood) and she is very concerned when she hears someone being called a name. I tried to call her Sensitive Sally the other day & got called before judge & jury. At least we know she has a moral compass!

waiting for her gift from mommy & daddy
birthday gift! Calico Critters home!
Party Favors: Superhero masks & Oreo Pops

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