Thursday, July 26, 2012


Elle is a singer. She sings A LOT. She makes up songs - sweet songs and funny songs (with lyrics like "we don't touch anything in this bathroom" or "duh tundah ah going to win. and dey're owh favwite team because DEY AH GOING TO WIN!!!!") and covers songs. The singing should come as no surprise to those of you who know our background. When she was born, I (mommy) was hell-bent on never singing mushy lullabies to her. And for the most part, I've stuck to my guns. Daddy tends to sing a rotation of James Taylor (since he has that stuff locked and loaded in memory at all times). Mommy tends to sing a mix. And if daddy sings a "mommy night to song" (or vice versa), well, be prepared to defend yourself in front of judge & jury.  Some of these songs have been in the rotation her entire life, like Blackbird. I never really knew (and still don't know) if she was (is) listening to me (let's face it, there is a serious case of selective hearing going on in this house). Anyway, these videos are proof that she does listen - when she wants. And that she has a talent ready to take mommy & daddy into early retirement.

The first, is video & sound and an in-car performance of JT's Sweet Potato Pie. It is, what I'm told (by two weirdos named Michael & Mitch), a Live version, based on a lyric tweak that no one in their right mind should commit to memory.

The second, is sound only. I couldn't sing her a bedtime song so she said "well, how 'bout I sing YOU one?". And I got it on her dark (ready for bed) room.

Both, are for you to enjoy.

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