Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Elleisms 4.2

If you follow my status updates on Facebook, these will sound familiar. If you don't, enjoy these little nuggets. I mean really, this little girl is hilarious!

Bohemian Rhapsody comes on the radio & Elle says "heeeyy! Dis is duh Muppets song! Dat man is singing Beekers's paht!". She then proceeds to share every part of the song as it pertains to The Muppets. We didn't tell her it was Queen.

We've been watching the Olympics quite a bit. The night we watched the first round of women's beach volleyball Elle tells me: "mommy, I can't weally go to bed because I got sand in my eye fwom duh beach volleyball". Nice try, kid!

In the car, Elle says: "daddy, I want to listen to some Girl Power (Heart) rock & roll. Boy Power music is just boring.". This is the same little girl who had a melt.down. when I changed the radio station from RUSH's Tom Sawyer.

It's August so the temperature hasn't dipped below 102 for at least the last two weeks.  Elle decides she wants to wear her skinny jeans & Minnie shirt because "dat would be so cute". This is why I still have veto power over her daily wardrobe choices.

Elle told Michael that she didn't want me to play Memory because I was being "shellfish" (we've been talking about what it means to be selfish). He asked her what selfish means & she said "it's when you want all of duh toys". And I let this kid hijack half my milkshake! But I won that game of Memory. Booyah!

Elle woke up from her nap on Sunday and comes in and says "I had a weally good nap, mommy. I dweamed of dat silly Evelyn (Elle's cousin).  She is SO silly."

As Elle finished ALL of her butterscotch pudding she says "daddy, I don't weally like duh scotch paht of dis but I like duh buddah paht of dis. I just don't like duh scotch in it". 
Lately, Elle has been hiding little chotchkies under her pillow & at bedtime, she'll pull something out & say "someone left me a pwiiiize!". Last night, as we were going to bed, we discovered these under our pillows:
mommy's "prize" is on the left; daddy's on the right
We could not stop laughing. We were still laughing this morning. When she woke up, we thanked her for our prizes under our pillows. She was so proud & said "mommy, I gave you doze tings because I knew you weally liked the color red". Such a thoughtful little gal!

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