Monday, October 31, 2011

Black cat!

elle decided she wanted to go as a black cat this year ("mommy, i'm going to be a nice kitty cat, not a 'pooky one"). i really wanted to make her costume (in years past, we've always borrowed or just sort of made it up). i knew she wouldn't go for an actual cat costume so i hit the internet (pinterest, sewing & crafting blogs) for inspiration.  i was able to take a tramped up version and toddler it down, if you will.

yesterday, we had a fall carnival at the dayschool elle attends. it was a great time and lots of fun seeing all of the kids in costume. there were games, crafts, outside playtime and mr. david with a music & puppet show that the kiddos loved! it was fun & it was a great fundraiser for her school. today she had her class party (the kid put away 2 cupcakes by the time i got there to help). by the time we left, she was jonsin' for a 3rd cupcake (that i did not give her!)

for those of you who haven't seen the creation and our spooky black cat, here she is (i made the tutu; everything else was sort of pieced together).

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